December 16, 2011

Best ARTY experiences of the Year!!

Sculpture in El Cerro Santo Domingo
Arty views

Art on the tables
Chairs marching through the garden

This past year has been filled with a few "Arty" bests. The word "arty" was first introduced to me by a young 10 year old art student of mine. One summer(about 10 years ago) I received a postcard from Paris sent by her, declaring that "Paris was an ARTY experience extraordinaire"!  Even then  I was enamored with France along with artistic expression.
Now I am influenced by my student and continue to use her word "Arty", to describe the best, le haut, l'extraordinaire!
Inspired sketching before breakfast
1. First on my list is the discovery and visit to the sculpture garden on Le Cerro Santo Domingo in Antigua, Guatemala. A few pictures of why this place sparkles arty magic above a magical city.
Hanging from trees

No this is not a car wreck but another sculpture in the garden.
Painted on walls

This is a sculpture and art garden where you can come for brunch, or a dinner. It reminds me somewhat because of its grounds of The Fondation Maeght in St. Paul de Vence , France. The art you see is made by Central American artists.
Found at the top of stairwells

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