June 29, 2010

4th of July weekend Arty happenings!

This weekend we have many arty beginnnings. The King Tut exhibit which will be at the Denver Art Museum until January, opens. It will travel on to New York after Denver. http://www.denverartmuseum.org/

Then it is the 20th anniversary of The Cherry Creek Art Festival. It will be the 3rd, 4th,and 5th. Two of my dear friends will be exhibiting in booths 67 and 68, Go see Eugenie Torgerson and Edward Avila. Well worth the look. http://www.cherryarts.org/

The Biennial of the Americas also begins http://www.biennialofthearts.org/ Of course this is First Friday down on Santa Fe (the street in Denver not the town in New Mexico).

Finally in the cool Foothills in the town known as Evergreen there is an all Pastel exhibit at the Evergreen Arts Center. I have 3 pieces in it. The opening is Friday, July 2 and closes on the 30th of July. http://www.evergreenarts.org/  . If you want to escape the hot city and see some color come visit with me on Friday evening.       

June 27, 2010

Artists Summer Play Fun

I remember those long summer days as a kid when my Mom would look at me and say , " Go  play with your friends today". I am still taking her words to heart and since summer days are here I am trying to play as much as I can. A couple of friends emailed and said they had 2 good models, good photo ops, time for painting and a picnic opportunity. So off to a Denver park we went, took photos, painted and noshed on good food.

We had a great time under the tall cool trees. Artists came with their grandchildren, who also painted, we were invigorated and we decided the following weekend would also be good.
 This past weekend was verr-ry warm here in the city. Luckily we went into the foothills which was 20 degrees cooler. I arrived in time to be told about a quite large bear that had lumbered into view of the paparazi-like arty photogs only to think better of it and move on out of there. We continued on painting and photographing a beautiful model, both inside and outside the mountain studio of one of our fellow artists.

 My colors were charcoal black and white as I forgot my Wallis paper, but the day was still lovely and we will be repeating the format again as it seems to be a winning one.  Where in the Denver  area ?---  but I will make certain to check and recheck my supplies - easel, Pastel paper, Pastels, tracing paper (for safely transporting a completed painting), tape, board for taping pastel paper to - what else? Sketching paper and charcoal in case all else fails. What are your most important items you bring when painting alla prima or plein aire? The most important ingredient is artists who enjoy working out doors and have a spirit of adventure. Hurrah for summer!

June 25, 2010

Ateliers in Colorado

In the spring of 2009 I wrote a post about the artist known to his friends as "Stroh". Stroh is not only a fine artist but he is a gardener and someone who loves to work on creating his own unique working and living space. He does the latter with the keen artistic eye of his Artist wife, Bev. He and Bev make a strong creative team. I would like to give you glimpses of their studio and garden. Perhaps another day we can return to that magical garden,
Their studio is a rebuilt garage which has become integrated into their garden. Terraces and shady trees guard it and make it an inviting space.

Looking out from the interior of the studio toward the garden.

What everyone wants to know, "how do they store their arty stuff"?

Stroh working on a new piece.

I love looking at the space of people who have "a lifetime burning" for creating art.  Jacques Villon the French painter ( who did not gain true recognition until his 70's) liked to make reference to Cennino 
Cennini and say that "Before starting to paint one should follow Cennini's advice and say a prayer".
I didn't ask Stroh or Bev if they follow this advice but I do feel they are surrounded by a bit of heaven when they walk through their garden to their studio.

June 15, 2010

Moore garden scenes

Last night we went to hear the jazz pianist Chick Corea along with drum legend Roy Haynes perform at the Botanic Gardens. The gardens were alive with sound and visual rhythm.
While walking around the gardens and listening to the mellow jazz in the evening I could not help but notice these beautiful Foxtail Lilies and thought I would share them with you.

June 8, 2010

Celebrating Artistry/Joyful Color

 Looking at this pensive lady one would hardly guess the artist who painted this was know for using purples, pinks and blues. He worked and showed his art with Matisse, Vlaminck, Braque and Picasso. He was influenced and is often considered to be a Fauvists. His name and tomorrow June 9th's birthday boy is Andre Derain. The way we use and think about color today has occurred because of the work Derain did. We stand on his back or walk in his footprints whichever metaphor you prefer. He was born in 1880 and died as the result of a car accident in 1954.

The other artist whose birthday,  I am celebrating this June 9th is not as well known. But to those who knew her , her influence was profound. She had a personality which could project many sparkling colors and an artful way of living as well as influencing and encouraging those she knew to reach into their creative wells and to be brave explorers. Her name is Josephine Barker McLeod, She was born in 1918 and died in 1989.

Josephine Barker McLeod
I was fortunate to know this artist intimately as she is my mother.

June 6, 2010

Soleil at the Botannic Gardens

Henry Moore in the clear high air of Colorado. Did he ever imagine he would travel to this part of the world?

This is a Henry Moore MOMENT

June 4, 2010

Mysterious Craftsmen

                        In Beauty
may I walk  
All day long
may I walk 
Through the returning seasons
may I walk
Beautifully will I possess again
Beautifully birds
Beautifully joyful birds 
On the trail marked with pollen
may I walk
With grasshoppers about my feet
may I walk
With dew about my feet
may I walk
With beauty may I walk
With beauty before me
may I walk
With beauty above me
may I walk
With beauty all around me                            
may I walk
In old age, wandering on a trail of beauty, lively,
may I walk
In old age, wandering on a trail of beauty,
 living again,                                 
It is finished in beauty. 
It is finished in beauty.

From the Navajo
photos from May 2010 visit

Chaco Canyon, inhabited for 300 years
between 800AD to 1200AD, a planned
community with beautiful masonry, a community of ancestral Pueblan culture. In what is today known as northern New Mexico. Find out more in the beautifully written "House of Rain", by Craig  Childshttp://www.houseofrain.com/. Also check out this film narrated by Robert Redford.http://www.solsticeproject.org/

 Put this magical valley on your "Bucket List".


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