October 30, 2009

Where do they stand when it is white and cold?

I am the person who always wonders about the details when I think of a lot of historic events or places. I want to know where the plumbing is in Versailles and if the residents had privacy for a moment alone? I also am the person who wonders- How cold were they? What kind of mittens, mufflers and boots did the artists who are plein aire painters in the winter wear?

Where was Monet, when in 1891, he painted "Haystack Winter, Giverny"? Was he standing in the field on a cold frozen earth? Or did he design a carriage or buggy with warm thermoses of soup and coffee? He did make a special boat upon which he painted his garden ponds.

I think it is possible Gustave Caillebotte was in his studio when in 1878 he painted "Vue de toits(Effet de Neige)", View of Rooftops(Snow Effect).

A man clearly after my own heart, interested in art and moderate comfort.

Lets fast forward to this century and one of my mentors, the Kansas artist, Robert Sudlow. Where is he in a car or a truck when he records these cold bleak winter days which surround Lawrence, Kansas?

Yesterday we experienced a slow purposeful drop of fluffy, white, gold. An October snow fell resolutely dropping 15 " in my back yard. I decided to paint it. Here is the back story. I set myself up with coffee, easel a comfortable chair and a golden retriever at my feet at the terrace window -looking out at sparkling wonder.

My painting friend, Aspen, enjoying the day.


Casey Klahn said...

Wonderful post! I appreciate your blog very much.

Is the last artwork your own?

Carole Buschmann said...

Well thank you. The last piece is my pastel of out backyard snow tree. Today the tree has no snow on it.

Joey said...

what a nice post, mom! i love your painting!

Live In Full Color said...

What a fun post, and such an interesting way of thinking about things. I was lucky enough to be in Normandy this summer, very near Monet's home- and it was cold there in July. So I'm guessing he either had very thin blood or was seriously bundled!!!

Love your painting...you're inspiring me to dig out my own set of pastels which are around here somewhere, dusty I'm sure:)

Carole Buschmann said...

Go for those pastels there is nothing better for a lover of pure color !


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