October 26, 2014

Westcliffe Arty adventures continued

We awoke to Friday- a day which we could, if we wanted, paint a model at the local train museum. But wait-- our location is changed to the Third Street Gallery-- Why?? Surprise Governor HIckenlooper is campaigning in the valley and what is happening? Art, Our event! Governor Hickenlooper is scheduled to come to the gallery in the morning to see the artwork we had completed in one day and to see us painting Tim our cowboy guitar, blues-playing model.
Also Tim was a Yoga afficianado and had interesting stories to tell as he modeled.
Then a little bit of a flurry occurred and in came Governor Hickenlooper and his crew. He walked around looking and chatting.
 When Gov. Hickenlooper saw Tim he said "Say I once had a guitar like that and I gave it to a college girl friend of mine"Here
"Well sure said "hick"", He took the guitar and truly began to play and regaled us with a rendition of 'Corina, corina".  What a Governor ,he won my heart.

More arty adventures to come!!

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