December 24, 2013

End of the Year arty posts

Georgetown Loop Train station view.
Long ago in August I got ready to participate in the Colorado Plein Air little did I know at that time that I would be placing that experience among some of the most wonderful arty experiences of 2013.

Let me start out and say the 2 ultimate life experiences happened this year.

1. I became a grandmother when Wyatt Fenton Gee was born.
2.  I became a mother-in-law for the second time when my daughter Kate married Peter Fath in a beautiful wedding here in Colorado.

But in the art world, magnificent experiences of artfulness occurred quietly and stealthfully. I am going to recount just a few and see if you will also agree.

So there I was back in August accepting a challenge I have long wanted to take on - to paint in a series of locations through out Colorado on boards, paper or canvas with a special GTMD stamp and then to submit some for jurying to be a part of a final show. This year the show expanded to allowing the participants to paint all of Colorado. During this time several locations, museums etc. hosted the participants. It was great fun to see what the fellow artist/participants were painting as you stood maybe 10 or 20 feet from them. Here are a few photos of various places we painted.
What we observed while painting at the Capitol on the first day.

 Every place I painted I felt like I always do when I paint plein aire. I want to return. Not necessarily because I want to redo what I had done, but because when you sit someplace for 3 hours or more looking , reacting and putting down what you have seen you then have absorbed that place. These are all places one frequently rushes by to get somewhere else not realizing - we are there. I love plein aire painting because it puts the place I paint, inside of me. It does this in a way that does not happen in the studio. So one of my top arty experiences of the year was painting plein aire in Colorado.
View from the observation deck at the Denver Art Museum
City Park and friends
If you would like to see what the artists who were juried into the Golden Triangle Museum District Colorado Plein Air painted then follow this link. . Now click on the title Colorado Plein Air Preview. Voila!!Enjoy!!


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