September 30, 2011


The end of October ( October 21 - November 26) AUM Gallery will have another Invitational. This year the theme is flowers. Here is one bouquet I am inserting.
"Circular Poetry"

I will have 2 other floral offerings  in the show. So this is my tease. 

September 18, 2011

Ahh September Respite

September came in as if it really understood the artificial dates we humans had posted on 30 new days of a proscribed period of time. Whooee the heat spell was broken here in Colorado. All of a sudden the tip tops of trees sported 10 yellow leaves portending a golden future and the temperature actually allowed one to comfortably wear jeans.( I know the teenagers are still wearing shorts but  they will be doing so in December.) Thank goodness those of us of a certain lovely age  finally get it. (one hopes) Or they've given up hope.
"The Smoke bush on Delgado Street"
So I have some catch  up to do. I saw a great pastel show at the Abend gallery and got to meet some fine pastel artists. I will share this with you , I promise.
I have been painting flowers for an invitational at AUM Gallery and I will give you dates and information later. All the flower painting got me into a rash, throe, consumed in floral painting so here I share a couple with you.
"Next to the Reading Lamp"
At the moment these are the also rans, I have three others I  have selected for the AUM Gallery show. What is really terrific news- Check out one of my all time favorite pastel blogs and pick up the September Pastel Magazine you will see a cool article written about Tom Christopher an Iowa pastelist. And to all of my Iowa pastelist friends with whom I visited Beaune with this summer you have a treasure!


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