January 29, 2009

Aerial perspective

In Oregon I had the opportunity, and I took it, to view the landscape of Oregon from a new perspective. I was able to look at the Oregon coast near Florence from above in this wonderful sculptural plane.

Look at the land patterns on the coast and as we approach the coast. I wonder how Leonardo Da Vinci would've painted this view?

Would he have used the materials and patterns that Frank Stella the artist whose work was shown in the Kansas City post used?

Going Green in Oregon

While leaving Oregon last week in a Penske truck filled with an airplane my husband has been building this past year in Oregon, I had an epiphany over the color green in the landscape of southern Oregon. As we bumped along worrying about impending snow and wondering about what our trip would bring I looked out the window and saw green employed in a winter landscape in a totally new way for me.

As a plein aire artist I grapple with green almost every time I work. I love the gray green of the southwest and the greenbrowns one sees in early fall. The pure hue of green seen frequently in the summer grass is one I don't enjoy using.

Everywhere my eyes turned looking at that wet Oregon winter morning I saw the color green presented to me in a new way.Muted yellow-green mosses covered the black branches reaching out as if clothed in sleeves of form fitting silk. Out from those sleeves peeked delicate narrow branches almost rust. The lower trunks often had almost chartreuse thick moss extending up the trunks two feet or more like iridescent boots.
Then the yellow bluegreen of fields stretched over grey black earth. These fields were frequently dotted with dun colored ewes and I saw white points made by new lambs.
Oregon taught me about a new arrangement of greens and I began this long jolting ride back trying to determine the primary forms and colors of the landscape.

January 20, 2009

Up to date in Kansas City

I just returned from a windy road trip. Drove from Denver across the plains to KC. A favorite trip of mine to visit family. While in KC I went to the Kemper Gallery and saw these pieces by the same artist. Do you recognize the work? Check out http://www.kemperart.com/ and also http://www.nelson-atkins.com/. I saw the show "Art in the Age of Steam", a wonderful exhibit which displayed the history of the train through artworks from around the world. Now I am off to the west coast for 8 days. I've got my sketchbook.

January 2, 2009

Visual Memories

Last year, I was wondering at the beginning of the New Year, what will happen, what will it be like? Do you wonder this along with all your plan-making? I know that among any goals or plans comes the surprises which life throws at you. Some are marvelous and some you just live through in the best possible way. I looked back through my sketch book and found places I had been and memories which came back to me as I looked at my sketchbook. One resolve I did make and keep was to carry the same sketchbook with me when I left Denver and record what interested me
I seemed to do a series of landscapes this past year and although this is not land, it is definitely a dogscape. These dogs represent half of the "pack" my sister Krista and her husband own. They are city dogs so one could call this a city scape.

To the right I have a snowy scene from January 2008 in Sunriver Oregon. My husband was attending a workshop on how to build an airplane and I was left to my own devices in a beautiful snow. Each day I tramped through this snow for coffee and to notice people and scenery. Then I returned and drew a number of sketches out the window of our condo.

The following three landscapes are all places above 7,000 ft and in three different mountain ranges in either Central America or the center of the USA.
I was in Solala, Guatemala in February volunteering for HELPS International and working with the Cascade Medical team from Eugene, Oregon. Each day I got an hour away from working in the kitchen I would go to a point which overlooked Lake Atitlan and draw the volcaneos on the other side. I will be returning this February and hope I am able to catch the people which come to the clinic in my drawings.The drawing to the right was done looking at the Collegiate Range in Colorado. This was done the week after returning from the warmth of Guatemala. The snowy range of mountains in Colorado was stunning to experience. In the fall I was in Steamboat, Colorado and the colors of the Aspen were astounding.

The upcoming year promises to bring many more sketches. Meanwhile I love looking at the daily sketches by artists all over the world on http://www.urbansketchers.com/


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