May 29, 2012

Fame and Good Fortune

Well Fame and Good Fortune do happen. Check out the blog "The Colorist" . If you have somehow missed Casey Klahn's (the pastelist) blog you do need to give your self a treat and sign on. I've been following Casey's blog for several years. I was first pulled in by the name - after all I am a color lover and I always seek out fellow color lovers. His thoughtful blogging as he has defined his muse and strong color development have been a "go to " spot on the internet for me. When you start following his posts you will discover his thoughtful explorations of the reasoning and "why we are doing this". It was with little hesitation that I signed on for a workshop with Casey when I learned he would be here in Denver.
Above you can see Casey as he starts off our 2 day workshop using his beloved Diane Townsend gray Terrages. A color (gray) we in  bright crisp colored Denver had to see to believe. Although the first day of our workshop was a gray rainy day. The exterior color did not match the wonderful full of color ideas which Casey tossed our way.
You will find me referring back to this workshop in future blogs. Meanwhile if you are in an area where Casey is exhibiting or giving a workshop put him on your must meet and see list.
 Here is a colorfilled day for you too.


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