December 30, 2011

What will YOU put in YOUR Pocket

What will you put in your visual pocket from 2011 to pull out and look at in a future time? What will tweak your imagination in the future months? What does not disappear into your sands of time or lost memories? This is the criteria I use to think about my best aesthetic experiences of each year. Luckily 2011 presented lots of fine choices. I already mentioned 4 in previous posts. In case it escaped you
1.- El Cerro- art and sculpture park , Antigua, Guatemala
2. - Alfombras- Lenten celebratory parades, Antigua. Guatemala
3. -  architecture -Cathedrals in Antigua, Guatemala
4. -  Cuban Jazz performed by Ignacio in Antigua, Guatemala
5. -  Rogier Van der Weyden altar piece in Beaune, France
6.Burgundian Clay Roof Tiles,  on The  Hospice de Beaune

Clay roof tiles, central plaza Beaune, FR
Clay roof tiles, house in Beaune , FR

Clay roof tiles, Meursault, FR
The clay roof tiles of Burgundy were a wonder to me as I love repeated patterns. When I had first seen these tiles I had under appreciated them. Now having spent days making plein aire paintings of which they were a part of I gained new appreciation.
7. The Burgundian country side-- I will definitely pull this visual memory out of my pocket and savor it along with the wine and Chevre chaud lunches during these cold winter months.
Vinyard view point

More to come-----


Eugenie Torgerson said...

I like this project, and I am intrigued by the start of your collection. Those tiles are indeed marvelous.

Carole Buschmann said...

You know the first time I went to Beaune ( for about 2 days), I noticed them but thought they were colored asphalt. This time I had occasion to look at them closely. Wonderfully 1/2 " thick clay. Heavy roofs, strong beams. Brought to Burgundy by northerners in the medieval times.


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