December 18, 2011

Une Autre "ARTY" 'expierence!!

So after seeing Alfombras being made in Antigua. Experiencing exquisite 17th c. Cathedrals which were destroyed in Earthquakes in Antigua,

Perhaps this post could be "Why I love Antigua". Then finally, leaving,( but I look forward to returning), to hear, Cuban Jazz, played in beautiful 200 year old architecture.

 I had the good fortune in June to travel to Beaune , France. This time I brought my pastels. However, one of the all time "ARTY" experiences for me is once again seeing the Rogier Van der Weyden, Altar pieces painted about 100 years before Antigua. Guatemala was founded. As I said this is my second visit. Take a peak Above is what I saw--. Next  post I hope to show you the landscape and talk about inspiration. Tis the season, saison!

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