December 22, 2011

Describing Winter

Every Branch big with it,
Bent every twig with it;
Every fork like a white web-foot;
Every  street and pavement mute:"
 exerpt " Snow in the Suburbs" by Thomas Hardy

Its a day for hot tea, chocolate drinks and or mulled wine here in Denver. Also this first day following the winter solstice has brought almost the same view I saw in my back yard 3 years ago when I made this painting.
Backyard tree the morning after the Solstice Snow
So I began to look and think about scenes of snow by 
artists. Wish I could have them over for tea and say, now would you paint this tree and how?
So how about NC Wyeth. Here is a painting he did using snow. Because NC definitely used every object in his paintings to pull the viewer in and engage her/him.

N.C. Wyeth "And Lawless, keeping half a step in front of his companion....." 1916
I think early this morning when a cross country skier was going down the middle of our street NC might have been inspired to create an adventure.

Andrew Wyeth "The Corner" 1953

The ability Andrew Wyeth has with a few descriptive lines , create cold and crisp mornings. The quiet stillness with only the snow moving would have been an Andrew Wyeth moment.
Now I have seen footprints in the snow this morning were they dogs, rabbits, the fox living under the neighbors spruce tree? If so they would need the masterful hand of Jamie Wyeth to look into their animal eyes and retell the cold.

James Wyeth " Angus" 1974
Now back to more painting about snow, cold and winter.

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