June 27, 2010

Artists Summer Play Fun

I remember those long summer days as a kid when my Mom would look at me and say , " Go  play with your friends today". I am still taking her words to heart and since summer days are here I am trying to play as much as I can. A couple of friends emailed and said they had 2 good models, good photo ops, time for painting and a picnic opportunity. So off to a Denver park we went, took photos, painted and noshed on good food.

We had a great time under the tall cool trees. Artists came with their grandchildren, who also painted, we were invigorated and we decided the following weekend would also be good.
 This past weekend was verr-ry warm here in the city. Luckily we went into the foothills which was 20 degrees cooler. I arrived in time to be told about a quite large bear that had lumbered into view of the paparazi-like arty photogs only to think better of it and move on out of there. We continued on painting and photographing a beautiful model, both inside and outside the mountain studio of one of our fellow artists.

 My colors were charcoal black and white as I forgot my Wallis paper, but the day was still lovely and we will be repeating the format again as it seems to be a winning one.  Where in the Denver  area ?---  but I will make certain to check and recheck my supplies - easel, Pastel paper, Pastels, tracing paper (for safely transporting a completed painting), tape, board for taping pastel paper to - what else? Sketching paper and charcoal in case all else fails. What are your most important items you bring when painting alla prima or plein aire? The most important ingredient is artists who enjoy working out doors and have a spirit of adventure. Hurrah for summer!

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