November 15, 2011

Georgia On My Mind!

This past week was the birthday of Georgia O'Keeffe. I spent a part of a morning looking at O'Keeffe videos on You Tube.  I would like to post 3 with a few  about her. I think we can celebrate her birthday for a few more days This first piece deals mainly with her floral paintings.
I am hoping to post links to 2 other videos of her life and work. Ah ha they are here. I think you will really enjoy them. You will get to see and hear Georgia talk about her feelings for the southwest.

The photo was taken by her husband photographer, Alfred Steiglitz,who helped her name the region around Taos and Abiqui, " The Faraway".
This last painting is made with pastels!! Hoorah! Georgia used pastels as well as water color and oils with which to paint, She also made her pastels it is believed. So here is to Georgia and her love of the Southwest which I understand so well.

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Isabelle Thornton said...

Thank so much for your comment and visit. I will do good. I have it under control. Life is tough :)
I will check the video. Your posts are so interesting. I have a lot of room to learn in art :)
Have a super week.


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