November 9, 2011

Color and Reasoning about Simplicity

"Drawing is feeling. Color is an act of reasoning." 
         P. Bonnard

I am thinking of adding this above quote to my list of quotes on this blog. Bonnard is one of my favorite colorists. He was able to take daily life and infuse it with emotion, in a large part through his choice of color.

" Back Yard View" 4"x 7" Pastel
I've been working on some miniatures. Not so easy with clunky sticks but challenging. Some simple scenes. 
"Spring at Rancho de Taos" 4"x 7"  Pastel

As it happens these were all  drawn or painted at different times in different locations with a common unrealized theme until I began to work on them in the studio.
"Sanctuary Chateauneuf, FR" 11" x 8 1//2" Pastel
All I could think about as I worked on this last piece was those warm beautiful stones. It was a lovely day in late June when I saw them last and I longed for that day once more.


paula said...

Beautiful, Carole. I love the soft blending of color.

Carole Buschmann said...

Thank you Paula and thanks most for the response.


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