April 5, 2014

Spring in the Rockies

Spring has been playing its usual hide and seek tricks

in the Rockies. One day you look out your window and see this.The day before you had been looking in wonder and anticipation at this. 
So because I am wise to spring in the Rockies I have loaded my warm house with promises of spring.

I've even brought women who are known to look at blooming sakura(cherry tree) and placed them in my Dining Room.
So that I can look hungrily yearning for spring.
 And now comes the true harbinger of a Rocky Mountain spring-- SNOW!!! Spring is truly on its way. Daffodils are hiding and tulips are still tucked and folded in their buds. Will the  crab apple tree bear blossoms this year or will the snow nip them in their buds.?

This is the mystery and suspense of Spring in the Rockies!!

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