April 14, 2014

The Land of Eternal Spring vs. the Land of Intermittent Spring

I live in the land of Intermittent Spring. For the 2nd Monday in the month of April we have snow!! All manner of beautiful warm days were part of our Colorado lives last week. Lots of garden preparing, neighbors visited with while working outdoors, but, we do need water. At this time of year it visits us in the form of SNOW! Tulips are up to their throats in snow standing on their tiptoes as the snow quickly melts.

Never fear I am remembering the beauty of the Land of Eternal Spring==Guatemala. I returned from that beautiful place about 3 weeks ago. This is some of the beauty I experienced.

This is an example of the orchid Thunbergia which can be found hanging draped over edges of buildings.
Guatemala especially La Antigua, where I visit during the dry season is quite temperate. It has a similar altitude to my home town of Denver but agreeably a different variety of flora, fauna and temperature. So enjoy some images I saw everyday when I walked in the interior garden of the Escuela de espanol el San Jose http://www.sanjoseelviejo.com/ or into the inner gardens of restaurants and buildings in Antigua.
Tomorrow I want to show you some examples of the Guatemalan celebration of Semana Santa.
Check out the Antigua Daily Photo blog(to the right of this blog on this page) to see some wonderful photos of the celebration of Holy Week in Antigua.

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