August 31, 2011

"Well Worth Waiting for-"

 I had 2 weekends of great pastel time this past month. The first was of course being a participant in the Mile High Invitational  for pastels here in Denver. The judge as I mentioned before was Richard McKinley. If you are a pastelists and ever have the chance to take a workshop from Richard I highly recommend you do. I was unable to get in as there was quite a long waiting list. I did however go at 4:30 PM on the evening of the show opening to hear Richard  talk about the pastels he had selected for the show. I truly enjoyed his comments and the manner of respect he showed for the variety of ways the artists expressed themselves with pastels. I asked him when he was through talking to the group to talk to me about my two pastels which he had selected. His comments were thoughtful and affirming.
"The Banana Seller"
The above pastel was the second one of my pastels in the Mile High Invitational. If you live in Denver I recommend this show, it is at the Curtis Arts and Humanities Gallery and is open Mondays through Fridays.
The quality of the work is high and the styles are diverse. If you would like to learn more about Richard McKinley please look at the article "Pastel Pointers" which is located in my blog  list on the sidebar. If you would like to see his work it can be found at
The exhibit was sponsored by the Colorado Pastel Society and they did a very professional job. If you would like to know more about the Colorado Pastel Society you can find out more at its website;
Now for the second week of  pastel adventures in my next post.

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