August 1, 2011

Simplicity - Structure

Out on the southern edge of Denver there is a beautiful iconic building.

St Philip in the Field, Episcopal Church
7 miles west of castle Rock and 5 miles south of Sedalia

It was built as a house of prayer in 1872 by residents of what was known then as the community of West Plum Creek Valley. My friend Suzanne introduced me to this beautiful little building in June. I vowed then to return and paint it. I got to do this last week. Suzanne came with me bringing her lawn chair and summer read while I pushed pastels around on Wallis paper.
I plan to come back in different seasons to study this building and catch its form in the light of different seasons. It also sits on a ridge which looks out toward Pikes Peak, and oh, an old cemetery surrounds it.
As we left the property we noticed this silhouette on the edge of the cemetery. On investigation we learned it was homage to a jazz loving musician, a cool metal bass viol. It spoke well of the singular, creative and individualistic people who lived, worked and made a simply elegant place to think about life, nature and time.
Ah also some of the best tamales I've had since my favorites from an Arroyo Seco store in Taos can be found in Sedalia. A frozen dozen will go too fast!


Eugenie Torgerson said...

Art, soul, and food. You are a master at finding all the right things in one place. The building is lovely, and your drawing captures it.

suzanne kolsun said...

What a lovely day it was. A spiritual place that continues to remind me of the Pine Ridge in South Dakota.

seo53 said...

Carole what a splendid drawing of a very special place. I remember being along that day with you and Suzanne when you first saw the church. You were captured by its beauty and vowed you would come back. You are a woman of your word and lucky for the world you are.


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