July 29, 2011

Virtual Plein aire Painting

  As I said in my last Post I decided to paint in my studio here in Denver at the same time my fellow June/French travelers were painting in Iowa. That is between 1 and 4 PM Iowa time. I pulled out my first plein aire piece and decided to do a studio piece. Here are some photos reflecting my process, progress, procedures.
My original plein aire painting was a 7"x10" size, painted in the morning of our first day. I truly didn't know at the time I painted this piece what was beyond the arch which cars in the early morning were driving through.
Under-painting using Rembrandt pastels on Wallis  paper.
Under-painting painted with turpenoid.
I decided to use a larger format (11"x14") in the studio, and actually a vertical rather than horizontal format.
#3 t I removed a car
at this stage and modified various forms.
Next follows a series of photos showing how I put the pastel on, wrestle with shape, color and composition.
#4 Working with front and fine tuning shadows and forms.

#5 Final piece for now/ "Morning Drive in Beaune, France"

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