July 27, 2011

Returned/ refreshed/ found color on 2 continents!- part 1

This summer began, for me,  looking and listening to people creating colorful experiences on the street. I know I was seeing art on the street again! Check out my post on Alfombras in Guatemala. Now I was seeing pastel Alfombras on the streets of Denver, Colorado. The "Pilot" (my husband) and I headed for Larimer Square to check out this street festival.
Almost completed piece.

Wish I had bowls and bowls of pastels. Real soft and hard pastels are used not necessarily chalk pastels.

Denver artist participates in the fun of the weekend.

Local Madonnari of the future rests from his efforts. There were contests for young artists and art students at the Denver Festival.
One of my fav'
3D Street Painting is an activity which has been occurring since 16th c. Renaisance Italy. These early street artists were wandering artists going from town to town. They were called Madonnari. Today from London, Ontario, Pasadena, California to Denver,Colorado, you can observe professional Madonnari and local artists painting with pastels at street festivals. Judging by what we observed the crowds were quite pleased and excited by this street artistry.
 Hoorah for Pastels!! The Pilot and I enjoyed wandering the 3 block area stopping into local bars and restaurants to occasionally cool off.
If you are interested in seeing more check out these websites.www.denverchalkart.orgwww.Imadon.orgwww.pasadenachalkfestival.comwww.3d-street-art.com

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