January 13, 2010

Walking and Loving Nature, part 2

" Always continue walking a lot and loving nature,
for that's the real way to learn to understand
better and better."
Vincent Van Gogh
Thinking about Van Gogh's words and bowled over by the 60 degree surprise of a day my dog and I went for a walk.

Colorado winter colors tend to be the color of my dog, Aspen.

Snow is still melting so the blonde, yellow is punctuated by white. I keep slowly surveying the path as we walk near a creek. I have sighted wild critters out here,prairie dogs, geese and-


Observing Nature

Two coyotes amble across the creek turning their heads to watch us as we watch them in their

Blonde Beauty.
The coyote photos are stock photos.
Someday I hope to catch the coyotes
on my camera.


Kristin said...


Your dog is wonderful. What a great name! (Smokey Dokey says Bonjour).

Love the Van Gogh quote. It is a perfect day for a walk...

Carole Buschmann said...

It is a good day for a walk and although I don't know if Aspen speaks French I know she says a lovely "arf" to Smokey Dokey


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