January 7, 2010

Walking and loving Nature,part 1

I've been reading a lot of blogs, as maybe you have, recently. I have marveled  at the various ways people tackle planning ahead and thinking of what has been the best of the past. I especially enjoyed looking at all of the blogs the artist, Casey Klahn  designated as the "top ten art Blog Posts", you can read about this at http://www.thecolorist.blogspot.com. Through him I was made aware of the awesomely organized Katherine Tyrell and her Making a  Mark  awards at http://www.makingamark.blogspot.com. Then up popped, a message from the past, Vincent Van Gogh's blog. Vincent listed all the artists' who at that time he admired. What I loved was seeing the names of not only the well known to us in our time, such as Corot, Bodmer, Tissot and Millais but the many names of artists new to me. It makes me want to see the art they made.
 So I thought to pay homage to the artists whose work I love to look at and admire. Wayne Thiebaud for his beautiful composition and color also Richard Diebenkorn fits in  that category for me. Pierre Bonnard is the ultimate colorist, I love the way he makes one think of moments in time. Finally David Hockney a wonderful draftsman, composer and inventor. He just continues to invent and invent, to explore new technology and to ask questions. My New Years resolution would be to continue to develop the curiosity and vibrance each of the above artists display in their work and work ethic.


Casey Klahn said...

Carole, you would be interested to see Adam Cope's homage post, which takes the idea to his artist bloggers that he attends to, while your great post is to famous artists.

Bravo to both of you for the creative idea of blog homage!

Carole Buschmann said...

2 bravos to you. One for cluing me into Adam Cope's homage post, and one to you for being one of the artist to whom he raises a glass!

Anonymous said...

nice post. thanks.


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