October 16, 2011

The True Size of Things

"The Goldenrod near the Garden Chair" 14 1/2" x 8"
This clear soft air of autumn has given me time to ruminate about this and that. One of those, thises or that's is how technology has made the relative size of stuff equal and has that affected our judgement or not. I thought of this when I reproduced this rather small plein aire painting I did of my friend's August garden. On the computer screen it suddenly had a larger presence. Then last week while I was visiting Fredricksburg, Texas I got to see Scott L. Christensens painting "Winter Light". It is 70" x 70" but when you look at it on the site of Insight Galleryhttp://www.insightgallery.com/searchresults.php?exhibitionId=18&start=10  it appears to be one painting among many. You cannot begin to be as amazed as I was at the sheer weight of the accomplishment of painting such a lush and fresh painting so large. The joy of that painting was certainly in the real seeing as opposed to the virtual seeing. You can see it again on Scott Christensen's web site http://www.christensenstudio.com/3/artist.asp?ArtistID=15825&Akey=TVKNT9F5 If you hit on Galleries it opens with "Winter Light" alone on the page. It is a treat to see.
I don't know quite where I am with this ruminating but perhaps a small orchestral crescendo should be played with paintings like "Winter Light". Or perhaps going to galleries and museums have real solid value and understanding toward accomplishment. I encourage you to get out and see real art whether small or large!

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