January 19, 2011

What Plein Aire artists do in the Winter

They put on warm stuff and go outside. Check out Stapleton  Kearns blog, which I have been following as he bravely pushes into the coooooold elements. http://stapletonkearns.blogspot.com/.
Here in Denver until this past week we had luxuriously warm winter weather. So with some fellow artists, instead of staying inside painting a model, we went outside. One of our fellow artists discovered Belmar Lake and we put on our heavy boots and bundled up a little ( eat your heart out Stapleton!).
Heather and Shelby are setting up and looking around. Shelby was the artist who clued me into this site. I love it because we are in the city but it feels like we are
much more isolated. Geese of course were everywhere.  Horses could be seen being ridden on the other side of the lake, walkers were out and stopped by to note our progress.
Now that warm January day is but a memory. I am heading to a much more southern beach this coming weekend. Puerto Vallarta here I come! More beach pictures to come in the future!       

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