January 11, 2011


I've been thinking about the importance of repetition when a person makes resolutions.  In my visual way the art work of Wayne Thiebaud sprang to my mind. Then I watched a stalled snow storm steadily and consistently spit out small flakes which continued to fall all day, then all night. That repeated consistency added up to 5 or 8 inches. Not enough to cause a problem just enough to remind us that it is winter. I looked out past the repeated pattern of stacked bricks which make up the walls of my house and over the grey vertical repeated wood lines which create our fence. I saw the naked twisted limbs of the maple trees. Limbs which are not the same length and have been formed by their response to the elements. Limbs which looked stunningly beautiful to my eyes. I thought again about repetition, consistency  and resolutions. I know that repeating a good vow consistently can bring a successful resolution. I am thinking now about beauty. 

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