January 24, 2010

When an Artist goes to the Stock Show

Its Stock Show time in Colorado!! This is usually a time when we have the coldest weather of the year. This year the cold weather preceded the Stock Show. What has remained the same is the Stock Show parade which begins this commingling of city folk and country folk as they ooh and aah over all the livestock which enters Denver.

Rhythm and Pattern
Among all the jubilation for the old and the new West you get to see, parades, rodeos which include a Mexican Rodeo Extravaganza, a chute-out Bull riding event, dressage events, Draft horse and mule events as well as the creme de la creme the elite jumping horse event. Now that just takes care of the horses (but not really because I didn't name about 50 other equine related events) this show is definitely about the beef as well as the pork, lamb, goats and chickens.

Tone and Volume


Texture and repeated pattern




January 13, 2010

Walking and Loving Nature, part 2

" Always continue walking a lot and loving nature,
for that's the real way to learn to understand
better and better."
Vincent Van Gogh
Thinking about Van Gogh's words and bowled over by the 60 degree surprise of a day my dog and I went for a walk.

Colorado winter colors tend to be the color of my dog, Aspen.

Snow is still melting so the blonde, yellow is punctuated by white. I keep slowly surveying the path as we walk near a creek. I have sighted wild critters out here,prairie dogs, geese and-


Observing Nature

Two coyotes amble across the creek turning their heads to watch us as we watch them in their

Blonde Beauty.
The coyote photos are stock photos.
Someday I hope to catch the coyotes
on my camera.

January 7, 2010

Walking and loving Nature,part 1

I've been reading a lot of blogs, as maybe you have, recently. I have marveled  at the various ways people tackle planning ahead and thinking of what has been the best of the past. I especially enjoyed looking at all of the blogs the artist, Casey Klahn  designated as the "top ten art Blog Posts", you can read about this at http://www.thecolorist.blogspot.com. Through him I was made aware of the awesomely organized Katherine Tyrell and her Making a  Mark  awards at http://www.makingamark.blogspot.com. Then up popped, a message from the past, Vincent Van Gogh's blog. Vincent listed all the artists' who at that time he admired. What I loved was seeing the names of not only the well known to us in our time, such as Corot, Bodmer, Tissot and Millais but the many names of artists new to me. It makes me want to see the art they made.
 So I thought to pay homage to the artists whose work I love to look at and admire. Wayne Thiebaud for his beautiful composition and color also Richard Diebenkorn fits in  that category for me. Pierre Bonnard is the ultimate colorist, I love the way he makes one think of moments in time. Finally David Hockney a wonderful draftsman, composer and inventor. He just continues to invent and invent, to explore new technology and to ask questions. My New Years resolution would be to continue to develop the curiosity and vibrance each of the above artists display in their work and work ethic.

January 2, 2010

Beginning again

The Christma tree comes down tomorrow and the last guest has flown home. Now it is time to begin again. I had a great time ending the year and anticipating the Holidays with my family.  I also was able to have a few of my family friends help me share my first opening in a gallery for this new decade. A friend of mine belongs to a cooperative gallery, EDGE Gallery, which has the tradition of asking each member to ask a fellow artist to exhibit a work of art with them and to share a common theme. The exhibits name is" Pairings" and (Dania, who was kind enough to invite me to exhibit with her),  and I decided to use the shape of cups  in our indivdual work.
It was a great way to begin the year as the opening was Friday, January 1, 2010. Even though it was a cold night we had a large turn out.Dania's piece continues her exploration of drawing media. It is a graphite bas relief. I used pastel.You can find the work of Dania Pettus and other Edge Gallery members and the works of thier invited guests on exhibit  through January 25th. It is a fine way to start the year.


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