November 3, 2010

Bringing the Outside In

Starting in September as the promise of leaves turning occurs I begin to bring inside objects from outside. A friend sent these 2 lovely pattypan squash. What beautifully formed phantomes they have been sitting next to the Cinderella pumpkin, rescued from the garden. Then came the glorious fall we are currently experiencing and in came branches and color.

Looking at all this glorious color made me turn to look at some of my favorite artists who were also inspired by Autumn's which they experienced.
"Pont de Charing Cross-Vers 1906",Huile sur toile, Andre Derainm Musee d'Orsay, Musee d' Orsay
"Restaurant de la Machine, a Bougival-1905", huile sur toile, Maurice de Vlaminck, Musee d' Orsay

These artists brought us IN to the world they interpreted OUTSIDE. Coming up next week will be an exhibition of Colorado plein aire artists Once again you will have an opportunity to look at the OUTSIDE and bring it IN.

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Eugenie Torgerson said...

Beautiful. Have you ever seen a cheese pumpkin? The taste disappoints if you are anticipating a cheese-like taste, but the color and shape are delicious enough for Edward use the variety for a subject. Why the name? The color apparently looks like a Dutch cheese.


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