October 13, 2010

Autumn Found!

   Wandering around Westerly Creek in Stapleton I bumped into new evidences of Autumn and some new sculptures which I will share with you. These late sunflowers which I spied are those old wild Kansas sunflowers. They hang on some of them until after the first snow and can be found even in alleys growing between cracks.  They are tough and hardy.

I know, I know everyone else wants the autumns with changing leaves I am  drawn to grasses and vistas. Above is part of a series of concave terra cotta forms which have been arranged over 3 or 4 acres in groups of 5, 3 or more. Their color and rough exterior enhance the land, I will have to find out who the artist is that created them. To me they seem a good choice for this land which not only tolerates bipeds and their pets during the day but the wily coyote and the ungrateful prairie dog. So here is the beginning of Autumn for me and it seems I am not alone as I spied other autumn admirers looking at the land and the vista that day.

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