July 29, 2010

Using Red to Make Memories

"COLOR THINKS by itself, independently of the objects it clothes"
___Charles Baudelaire (1821-1867)

What did Baudelaire mean? Did he mean the strawberry as a beautifully juicy fruit had no conscious will to be red? I know that red in nature can mean danger, poison! Did the strawberry become red so that not all birds and bears would eat up the entire species, saving some for me and my new canning skills?  Or did he mean that humans give this color all its meaning and the color only receives it?

Red can mean protection as the ancients used to sew(embroider) it to the openings of garments to protect the wearer, it can demand attention as a stop sign or as a red carpet. It provides homage when royalty dons it. 

It will signify delicious aromas, images when I turn the lid of my recently canned strawberry jam some winter morning in the future.  I will remember the kindness of my friend Jill as she taught  me how to make a summer memorable and turn a small red fruit into a gift given at my daughters wedding to the guests.

Ah the final picture will be taken later when we can line all the Colorado strawberries, apricots, peaches  ensconced in small glass jars at the wedding. I also will be sure to paint that image of fruit and snowy morning- there is more to come with red and I will continue to think of Baudelaire's observation.

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