April 25, 2010

Lively artists/ Artists Atelier/studios

Some people walk by their neighbors homes at night and enjoy the warm lights through the windows of families gathering and living their life. I enjoy the idea of  lights and windows reflecting the industrious long hours of artists working in thier studios. I am beginning a series of artists I know and admire and the studios in which they work. First off let me say my studio is not yet realized but it is much better. I have moved from  a corner of the basement shared with my cats to a refurbished small basement bedroom vacated happily by my daughter (she moved on to her adult life). So this is not my dream studio I have more visions. One of my favorite books is Alexander Liebermans' "The Artist in His Studio". Let me show you a glimpse of Paul Cezannes' last studio.
I recently had the great fortune of visiting the Colorado Studio of Joellyn Duesberry, see my Feb. 13, 2010 posting -"With love/Out and About". A friend of mine purchased a painting of Ms. Duesberry's and we went to her studio. She has a lovely small barn in south Denver. Her house and garden are a few steps away.I love to see the materials an artist uses for researching the work which they do. My friend giddy with the difficult decision of selecting a painting. (Here's the secret she loves them all). So now you have seen glimpses of a working artists studio and I hope to introduce you to more Colorado artists and their studios in the months to come. Cheers and heres to you and your studio!

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Eugenie Torgerson said...

Thanks for exploring this interesting element of an artist's life. I hope people don't clean up for your visits!


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