March 31, 2010

Sweet colors of Pacque

A few Printemps ago I took a trip to Lyon, France with my sister to visit my niece and her family. I was struck by the brilliant yellow of the forsythias on a grey day.
See the poisson (luscious chocolate fish) in the fenetre (window). The French Easter/Pacque motifs are not bunnies running around but fish.
Ah Delicious!
Ah savoring Spring in Lyon with my sister!!
Have a memorable Fete de Printemp with your family this week!


Joey said...

lovely! the perfect spring!

Laureline said...

Carole, thank you very much for stopping by at Laurelines and for your comment. I love the photograph of your sister transported by the taste of her lunch in Lyon. I send you my most sincere condolences and all good wishes.


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