February 3, 2010

Looking at a Winter Garden

Going to the Botannic Gardens for just an hour or two is a great way to fill my eyes with beauty. Last Sunday I found more than bunnies hiding in the bushes and peeking out between tree roots.
Here's what the western cousin of Peter gets to peek at. Interspersed between the long lines of trees, bushes and dry grasses a new rounded form has appeared. Something is moving in over the winter. Do you recognize this form? Does this shape strike a familiar chord?
Yes the sculptures of Henry Moore are finding comfortable places to rest. Carefully the sculptures of Henry Moore are being placed and planted in this garden. This is the largest U.S. Henry Moore show and has just left the Atlanta area arriving here.
I plan to come back at various seasons and look at the way the sculpture appears in the strong summer light or the golden colors of autumn. Yes the exhibit will be completely prepared and open by March 8 and will be around until January 31,2011. That will be time enough for Peters cousins to multiply and agree with Henry Moore who said, " sculpture is an art of the open air, Daylight and sunlight is necessary to it."


aneyefordetail said...

Hi Carole: Thanks for listing me to the right here!
Oh, this garden scene is wonderful and I look forward to checking back to see it in "the strong summer light".

Carole Buschmann said...

Your welcome, I enjoy seeing it pop up so frequently each week with good info.


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