February 6, 2010

Color Intersection

In the middle of winter I can count on seeing reds, oranges and purples at the Botannical Gardens. I can step into a humid warm place and feel and get a botannical preview of my upcoming trip to Guatemala.
I didn't know I could get almost the same effect at the Vance Kirkland Museum here in Denver until I visited there this past week. I  ran into many recognizable forms and colors but without the humidity.
Vance Kirkland is a Colorado artist who lived from 1904 - 1981, this is a so called dot painting, a series upon which he worked from 1963-1981.
Color as painted by Kirkland in his Floating Abstracts from 1951-1954, and tropical plants from the gardens.
Color intersects with Nature and the Artist.
For more information check out http://www.kirklandmuseum.org/ and the Denver Botannical Gardens.

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