December 20, 2009


I am grateful to friends who remember to get reservations at The Brown Palace so that I can continue to celebrate this season in a time honored fashion. It is best to get them (the reservations) the January before the Holiday season as the tea times become quickly filled. I have lovely memories of times when I did remember to get reservations and hosted my Mother, my Belle Mere and my two daughters when they were much younger. I also have celebrated important birthdays with friends under this stained glass, listening to harp music being performed live. No piped in sounds here.
The Brown Palace opened in 1892 it was built by Henry Cordes Brown who felt Denver needed a grand hotel. This hotel was considered the second most fire proof building in the USA. Where is the first? I don't know. I do know The Brown is built of Colorado red granite and Arizona red sandstone, there are no wood floors and no wooden beams. It is an elegant Italian Renaissance style building and looks especially grand in its Holiday sparkle and glitz. It is a tradition which is worth planning and sharing.

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