November 19, 2008

Fall red

Sometimes in June the small crab apples on the tree in the back yard began to appear. After twenty years of watching this you think I would be blase and walk under its branches paying no attention. In the summer all those small red apples almost disappear surronded and covered by green leaves. Our family eats beneath the branches accepting the shade but barely noticing the red of the minature apples. Then as fall comes the green leaves change to yellow-orange, some yellow-green and then the red of the apples begins to assert itself more. Finally, yesterday, the leaves were almost all gone leaving the structure of the tree and these red pearls dangling enticingly for the hungry squirrels and for my eyes. What elegant jewelry.

So I moved myself out into the sunny 72 degree November day with easel in hand, pastels arranged about and searched for 2 hours for the right way to show off those dangling orbs. It is was an afternoon well spent.

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