July 27, 2012

Arty Adventures

I have been off on a few "arty adventures" these past months and I have missed taking the time to stop and digest just what I have seen and experiences. Frequently blogging gives me time to relate my daily experiences to how I live, interpret my life visually and often with color.

In coming posts I am going to be talking about my most recent "Arty adventures"
I am going to post about what I  have gleaned from traveling near where the Spider Woman came into the world in Canyon de Chelly, Arizona.

 I am also just beginning to process my most recent "arty adventure" in Umbria ,Italy, and am looking forward to sharing the colors,forms, ideas and food which I experienced there.

My " arty adventures "have many back stories, one which I will quicly share is--

Almost 25 years ago myself and my friend Julie were relatively new Moms who loved to make art. We decided when our children were at an age we felt comfortable leaving them with babysitters we would spend one day a week out of our homes drawing on site. I believe we started with sketch books and headed out to the Botannic Gardens and local greenhouses. How we changed to working with pastels I don't exactly recall. Neither of us really knew much about them but I think we liked the perceived portability of them. Keep in mind this was before the internet. (We couldn't go look up "how to's" and quickly get multiple answers as you can do today) We did look up stuff at the Library and found books and magazines. When our children were older we would take weekend trips to Taos, New Mexico with other women and rent houses to stay in. Our husbands would baby-sit. While in Taos we would get up early and paint the sunset, the adobe walls. Our favorite place at that time was the studio of Andrew Dasburg.( Dasburg was one of the great artists of the Taos area of the early 1900's.) So began our first arty adventures,. From there as our children grew older we have taken them with us to France on our arty adventures. We spent time in Auvillar France, Corsica amd Marmoiron, France. Travelling to all of those places provided a wealth of rich experiences. Our adventures continue and we continue to share them with some of our first fellow travelers.  : www.auvillar.fr

One of the many artists who visit Auvillar.
I will share a photo of me in another post.
Now that you have read this brief history you will better understand my raison d'etre. 

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Joey said...

I loved when I was old enough to be included in these arty adventures! such a great gift from my arty mom!


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