May 2, 2011


When I was a young Mom I used to meet up with other Moms in the neighborhood on Friday afternoons. My friend Kathy thought this up, and thank goodness she did. We would meet at a different families house each week with our kids and a wine bottle in tow. The resident Mom would supply the taco dip du jour and the safe place for the kids to run amok. We Moms would talk and talk between 4 and 6 pm.  Well those days are past and the kids are now young adults, some with children of there own.  They all grew up to be slightly above average and responsible citizens. Whew!
Now I meet on Fridays with other artists we pay a model and we paint. We meet between 1 and 4 and do a few 5 minute poses and then a 10 and then finally a 20. If its a good pose we paint the pose with breaks every 20 minutes for an hour. We have had some wonderful models; some are friends, tango dancers, daughters, husbands and sons.
11"x17", Pastel, "Tango Memories"
This is the tango dancer, I brought this home and worked on it. This is entitled " Tango Memories" and is in the invitational at Aum Gallery Now not all get completed, a lot get scrubbed.  Here's one worked on a week ago.
8"x11", pastel quick painting.April
I'm still working on last Friday's piece. From time to time I will share some of these with you and you will know that I am just trying to get a quick image down. It's a good way to spend my Friday's.

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