March 30, 2011

Immersed in Color

I've just been engulfed in the color found in the country of Guatemala. A total color immersion experience!
I spent  6 weeks walking mainly the streets of Antigua. Building ankle strength on cobblestones and eye muscles as I looked at the color lined streets. Catching glimpses of homes, hotels, stores hidden behind restored 17th century walls.
Watching out for chicken buses as they barreled over the bumpy streets with "the workers" calling out "Guate!Guate! Guate" I decided after seeing how the Guatemalan buses were decorated that would be the job I would want. Transformation of yellow school buses to rapidly passing colorful buses.
Sharing the street with people walking from here to there wearing, beautifully woven clothing.
Past the yellow , La Merced church.
Looking up to see flowers cared, tended and simply flowering above rooftops and framing volcanoes.
 I've returned to a brown, punctuated in my yard by 4 yellow daffodils and one morning the lines of  white snow clinging to the edge of my garden framing fence.
But I know more wild color is coming. I sense a promise of color based on my previous 6 week experience in Central America.


Jill Scott Conklin said...


BCarefulWhatUWish4 said...

All wonderful. Is it odd that my two favorites are the title page berries and the La Merced church? Juxtaposed: very vibrant & pastel pale.


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