February 2, 2011

Baby its Cold Outside!

I think this painting by Alfred Sisley says it all! It was cold in 1878 and it is cold today in 2011! Fortunately, even though I have a scratchy throat and a little malaise I have good memories created about
by Alfred Sisley
"La Neige a Louveciennes-1878"
walking among the palms toward the beach in Nueva Vallarta. I know, I even complained because it was cooler than expected. But now that it is -1.1 degrees  in Denver I have a whole new outlook.
    Now I imagine I know how Paul Gauguin felt when he returned from Tahiti. Trying to expliquait to all of his Parisian friends the warmth of the sand. Trying to describe the waving palms and the boom of the surf in the early morning. So now this arctic blast has brought me a kinship back across time to a man for whom I had much admiration for his use of orange.
Paul Gauguin (1848-1903)

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