December 29, 2010

One last Atelier Voyeuristic Peek

Prior to the Winter Solstice when the days were the shortest of this year, and I and probably you were running about attempting to be "in the spirit"and making the best use of ones time and energy, I stopped running and visited a studio of a fellow artist friend.  Jeanne was having an open studio, showing her work and place of work. Jeanne Echternach is a generous artist who lives in the southern end of Denver.  Her studio has superlative double views- one of the Rocky Mountain Range and the other of the skyline of Denver.
I recall when Jeanne began her dream of creating her studio and increasing her artistic output. She has done both, now let me show a few shots of her studio and some of the work in her studio.
Jeanne's paintings can be seen at her website and at The Framed Image Gallery in Denver and the Colorado Mountain Gallery in Georgetown, Colorado.

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