September 8, 2010

The Best Weekend Ever! Part 1

Since December when my daughter Johanna became engaged,( You can check this out at a slow rhythm has been building and it finally came to a crescendo last weekend. A beautiful crescendo- Nature obliged and the hot muggy weather, that part of Kansas can have- on Labor Day weekend - never occurred. Instead still, calm quiet graceful days unfolded into a beautiful family occasion for a celebration for a young couple with a fresh and open style.
We all assembled at The Circle S Ranch
It was a family affair, cake and pie stands were donated by family and friends.

Pies made by family members, Jams made with Colorado fruit by me, decorative swags sewn by Johanna and hung by all. Flowers were locally grown and decorations made and donated. So this post is about the ambiance and a later post will be more about the event.
                               Flowers were picked from the roadside and used to decorate the altar.  
 While the Bridal  Party got ready and photographers prepared to take photos family members hung out, talked, played croquet, bocce, badminton and enjoyed the day.
The Bridal Party
The Groom, Ryan and Bride Johanna and Bridesmaid Kate (sister of the Bride)
The Bride and Groom

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