September 14, 2009

Soft air/Golden sight

Sitting in my garden painting sunflowers when all of a sudden I looked around and said "something is different here," It is the air, it is quieter and lighter." I think the autumn light is quieter and oddly enough it creates the perfect setting for sunflowers.

My sunflowers must stretch tall to reach the sun as I have such a shady yard. I also must gaurd against the crafty, wily squirrels who run the ridge of my fence and want to fly up to the seed pod seeking a lunch which would prepare them for winter.

My father grew sunflowers and would measure across the center to see how large he could grow them. When I moved away from home sunflower seeds followed and I have planted them everywhere I have lived even Okinawa, Japan. I've also painted them everywhere in France, Italy and now here.

September 11, 2009

Leaving Summer behind

The green in my garden is changing. Thought you would enjoy the sight.

New colors and the yellows and reds are beginning to arrive.

I hope this pumpkin plant called Musque de Provence will have enough time to grow before the snows . I am keeping our ravenous squirrels at bay.

While looking around I spied this harbinger of Autumn in my Plum tree. (Red) I hear the Aspen are already yellow above Kremmling. Here in my yard near the foothills, it is coming, how do I know? The hummingbirds came down from the mountains stayed for awhile and have left.

I like this thought one which John Logan observed long ago as he lived between 1748-1788.

"Behold congenial Autumn comes the Sabbath of the Year".


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