September 11, 2009

Leaving Summer behind

The green in my garden is changing. Thought you would enjoy the sight.

New colors and the yellows and reds are beginning to arrive.

I hope this pumpkin plant called Musque de Provence will have enough time to grow before the snows . I am keeping our ravenous squirrels at bay.

While looking around I spied this harbinger of Autumn in my Plum tree. (Red) I hear the Aspen are already yellow above Kremmling. Here in my yard near the foothills, it is coming, how do I know? The hummingbirds came down from the mountains stayed for awhile and have left.

I like this thought one which John Logan observed long ago as he lived between 1748-1788.

"Behold congenial Autumn comes the Sabbath of the Year".


Eugenie Torgerson said...

And just how are you accomplishing this squirrel defense? My problem is ground hogs who gnaw the most important hoses under our vehicles --- and mice, and bats, and once a wolverine.

Carole Buschmann said...

I bought some pepper spray. But then I water things. These squirrels are voracious!


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