November 24, 2009


New crayon boxes at the beginning of the school year were filled with anticipation. All those cool colors, did you want to have magenta and teal crayons or a red! The fun of looking forward to all the possible pictures that would be produced in the future. I actually, must confess to looking forward to using brown.

Why!! because when I used brown the most, it meant it was time to draw Pilgrims and practice making mysterious reaching tree branches. Did I mention I got to make Turkeys. I loved designing their feathers.

Now I have seen " Wild Turkey!" by James Audubon and my multi-colored birds need a little more refining.

When I finally saw Claude Monet's "Les Dindons" I thought them beautiful but he was
definitely missing my
brown crayon. Monet's turkeys are living the cultured life on the lawn of his pink home in Giverny.

These lovely brown birds are the type that could make Ben Franklin believe they should be our National Bird.  Here's to BROWN and childish anticipation for we are beginning the season of family fun, hope and dreams!


Joey said...

your page looks sooo pretty! i love those birds, turkeys really are pretty!

Carole Buschmann said...

Your such a TURKEY!!

Eugenie said...

Well, not all turkeys. Around here, we are treated to rushes of wild turkeys. They are scraggly and buzzard-like, without elegance or a shred of majesty. Nearly ground-bound, they have a terrible time getting out of the road and lumbering into the brush. But that's southwest Michigan for you!

Carole Buschmann said...

Now I have not seen wild turkeys but Johanna has in central Kansas and says they aren't as scraggly as I imagined them.


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