April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

Easter brings a flood of good memories, hiding Easter eggs and treats for my children to find, dressing them up in their spring best, also childhood memories of dresses my mother made for me and my sisters or those special store bought dresses my Aunt Rosemary would supply. Now I love sending packages to children far away, sharing a dinner with my husband and in-town daughter, and talking to my 90 year old father. Today was a grey day in Colorado but spring still was peaking out in my house.

I found these decorated eggs tipping precariously in a basket in my pantry. They were beautifully painted by my daughter Johanna years ago. She went off to college and now her adult life, leaving this seasonal remnant behind to help highlight this spring day.
Because the outside was so grey it was perfect that the iris chose this day to unfold. I hope you all had a peaceful spring day as my family had today.

1 comment:

Joey said...

mom! i miss you so much, i wish i could of been with you guys this easter. your bunny loves you.


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