February 8, 2009

Quick Draw!

Hurtling through landscape in our jolting Penske truck I continued to notice the color of the landscape. I decided to tackle quick draw landscapes so I could record the memory of the forms and colors of the land. 1. I began in Arizona as we careened through the painted desert. My hand jiggled and I had only time to select quick colors and moosh them on the page.
Drawing and making fast choices certainly helps one edit and focus on a few things. I was interested in observing the color of the geography. I ended up making several of these drawings but will share only 3 of them.

2.This second one was done while heading out of Albuquerque.

The purple of the western mountains appeared as the Penske truck got closer to the foot of the mountains. The deep purple becomes deep blue and disappears finally into deep green pinon trees on dun colored earth.

3.The earth then rises out of the ground in long bony reaches of violet outside of Santa Fe where it rests on expanse after expanse of blonde colored grass.

So we bounced on home to Denver and off-loaded the airplane. The following week I returned to Santa Fe to continue to discover and reconnect with that ancient town.

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