February 14, 2013


Two Big Black Hearts by JimDine at the DeCordova Sculpture Park. Lincoln  MA
Today is the day of Cupid and Eros that day to celebrate LOVE so I thought I would look up some of my most fav artists who have used the HEART in their ART. Of course Jim Dine comes first to mind, and it is interesting to note that many of these artists fall under that umbrella name of Pop- Artist.

Jim Dine who was born in Ohio in 1935 likes to use imagery to hang  his landscapes on, I am paraphrasing here. In a life time the iconic graceful shape of the heart has allowed him to explore paint, printmaking, drawing,collage and sculpture.

Robert Indiana an artist who used is advertising skills to make
what began as a Christmas card into a worldwide symbol including a postage stamp.

Robert Indiana, Chatsfield Gardens, England 
I remember having the LOVE poster in my dorm room. Now the Love sculpture can be found in plazas in Japan, Philadelphia, New York and Taiwan. A beautiful message that clearly many have loved.

Here's to your  LOVEly celebration.
Now I am also going to include in my homage a dozen red roses painted by me and currently on view at Framed Image.
http://www.framedimage.net/index.html In their Mostly Red show.

"Afternoon Tea". Pastel. C. Buschmann

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