August 25, 2009

Where did summer go?

My summer was spent in watching wild and tame animals. Our garden has always held for the past 11 years, one gray and one golden animal. As soon as its spring the gray animal sticks his head out the door and the neighboring birds begin to scream their warnings to nesting birds. But Samra had a new winged neighbor this year. A pair of Coopers' hawks nested in our neighbors tree and raised 3 babies. Each morning we were awakened to the high scree! of their hunting call. One rainy evening one very wet hawk sat on our porch in need of a hair dryer.

Finally our golden retreiver who patiently watched all of these comings and goings died this summer of cancer. She was a beautiful frequently calm golden, although she loved to catch popcorn and was known to occasionally nibble on a good book. Lady McLeod, aka Mackie was particularly fetching when she wore her purple scarf, complementary colors of course complement. " No one...appreciates the very special genius of your conversation as a dog does." Christopher Morley, 1890-1957
Check out " The Artful Dog: Canines" from the Metropolitan Museum of Art


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