February 11, 2012


On  with the theme of sisters. I am one of three sisters and the mother of two sisters.  I know the back story of my daughters - they are presently writing their own stories. I have caught them in these two recent paintings.
"First Harvest", pastel, Kate

"The Luncheon Guest",pastel, Johanna

February 9, 2012


I am one of three sisters. When I see girls together  I often nod my head in recognition and think "Sisters". that was the case when last year I saw two young girls selling fruit at a road side stop in Katok , Guatemala. Katok has now become a familiar rest stop after leaving Guatemala City and heading up to Solola Guatemala. I told myself  "these are either sisters or at least sisters in the work they do here, selling fruit to roadside travelers". I often give my artwork a personal backstory while I am  working on it. Thus I told myself a story of these two sisters living near Katok and wondering what their days were like.
I am heading back to Guatemala and probably will be traveling this same road. I wonder if I will see these girls. I secretly hope they are in school.


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