July 29, 2010

Using Red to Make Memories

"COLOR THINKS by itself, independently of the objects it clothes"
___Charles Baudelaire (1821-1867)

What did Baudelaire mean? Did he mean the strawberry as a beautifully juicy fruit had no conscious will to be red? I know that red in nature can mean danger, poison! Did the strawberry become red so that not all birds and bears would eat up the entire species, saving some for me and my new canning skills?  Or did he mean that humans give this color all its meaning and the color only receives it?

Red can mean protection as the ancients used to sew(embroider) it to the openings of garments to protect the wearer, it can demand attention as a stop sign or as a red carpet. It provides homage when royalty dons it. 

It will signify delicious aromas, images when I turn the lid of my recently canned strawberry jam some winter morning in the future.  I will remember the kindness of my friend Jill as she taught  me how to make a summer memorable and turn a small red fruit into a gift given at my daughters wedding to the guests.

Ah the final picture will be taken later when we can line all the Colorado strawberries, apricots, peaches  ensconced in small glass jars at the wedding. I also will be sure to paint that image of fruit and snowy morning- there is more to come with red and I will continue to think of Baudelaire's observation.

July 22, 2010

Take a trip, Go on a Vacation!

Vacations have long been known to be good for the soul, body and intellect. I am going to send you on a vacation to my virtual friend Casey Klahn's blogsite. http://thecolorist.blogspot.com/ Once you get to this new terrain - enjoy looking around but your destination is the button in the right hand column entitled "Art
and Physics". Get something refreshing to drink- sit back and watch and interesting lecture. I guarantee your enjoyment as you contemplate - space, time and color.

To see you on your way I am posting these paintings for you.

Have fun! Let me know how it was - Au revoir et bon voyage!

July 19, 2010

A Shout out to Edgar Degas!

Happy Birthday to Edgar Degas , master pastelist. He caught the intimate, quiet and personal moments of his subjects. I always feel as though I am gazing back through time at a real fleeting moment. Degas also was a wonderful pastelist and is well known for using the famed Roche pastels check this link to see the pastels he used which are still being made today.

Edgar Degas

Edgar Degas (1834-1917)
Vor dem Spiegel,um 1889
© Hamburger Kunsthalle / bpk
Photo: Elke Walford

Pastel painting of woman trying on hat, At the Milliner's by Degas.
At the Milliner's by Hilaire-Germain-Edgar Degas
is a pastel on pale gray woven paper, laid down on
silk bolting (30 x 34 inches). This work can be seen at
The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York

His compositions show cropping , close ups and the use of diagonals. He is known for using many sketches to create a single composition. He also used photography and had an early Kodak camera. I , of course love his pastels but Degas used beaucoup media. He painted in oils, sculpted in clay, drew all the time and used the printmaking medium. He would create monotypes and work back into them using oils and pastel to create a richer image.

He came from the wealthy de Gas family of France who made their money in banking in Italy. His mother was a Musson and her family was Creole and became wealthy in the Louisiana cotton business. He was to spend three years as a young man in Italy studying and being influenced by Italian art. He also spent almost a year in New Orleans visiting his American family. His family as they read, and did small household chores is often the subject of his art.

Give yourself a Degas celebration and look at his work this week. Felicitations a Degas!

July 18, 2010

More RED

Just was made aware of this post by Pam Farrell  on the color RED. I thought all of my fellow color-rites would enjoy it as I do. http://pfarrellartblog.blogspot.com/2010/04/seeing-redlittle-red-squares.html

July 15, 2010

To Market To Market

Summer time not only is time for Art Markets - such as the Cherry Creek Art Market over the 4th of July but for produce Markets. I love markets and am always photoing and painting market scenes wherever I travel. Last weekend I travelled to my own backyard/neigborhood/ville - here in Denver and discovered a whole panoply of reds

The reds move from the tinted reds of the radishes to the red violets found in red onions. All but the  reds of the tomatoes are reds come to fruit in Colorado. These tomatoes have made the journey from Iowa, wait another two weeks for home grown tomato reds.

I always feel I get to know the locals when I travel to a local market. The golden forsythia I once saw in Lyon, France, the tomatoes of Solala, Guatemala, the cabbages in Vence, France, - I have painted them all and feel when I do I have a better understanding of the population who grew, sold, and bought them.


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